Thursday, November 09, 2006

Christmas Cardigan Continues...

The light over the kitchen table is not very yarn-friendly but it was the only place I could think of to lay out the back of the cardigan for a photo-shoot. Obviously, shaping has not been an issue here. The Mission Falls 1824 has been really lovely to work with although it doesn't take a Russian Join as nicely as I would like.
The major challenge has been remembering where the moss-stitch creeps in between the cables and where the pattern leaves it smooth. I've had to re-stitch a few columns along the way. The boy's run off to New York City for a week so I'm glad I finished this piece before he left so that I have something to work the left and right fronts against. I've been measuring against him every 20 rows or so and the length he likes is about two and a half inches shorter than the pattern calls for. Need to stay alert for the neck shaping on the front, I guess.
The cabling's been giving my left hand some problems. I'm really hoping that it isn't a sign of CTS but I've been getting numb spells and cold streaks every once in a while. I won't give up the knitting but I may need to be more careful while working at the library...

A Use for Fall Foliage

I own a lot of sock wool. For someone who has yet to make a legitimate pair of socks, I have an obscene amount of sock wool. So what do I do? I made a handbag.
Polly had issues with the colours of this Cherry Tree Hill wool (October 5 on alltangledup) but I think I was probably attracted by the colours initially. I just don't think I'd wear socks in them. I get into these moods where I feel that I need to branch out palette-wise and end up buying colours that don't fit easily into my life. So there were bamboo handles in one of the London boxes I unpacked last week and a pattern that called for this specific yarn... it was meant to be, I guess.
I wasn't sure about attaching the handles. I've never claimed to be a seamstress of any ilk. Worked out a system that is best termed a reverse mattress stitch. There's probably a real name for it. Anyhoo, all's well and another Christmas prezzie is done!


I made the hat Grace is wearing in this picture early in the spring when I was using up my purple Cashmerino Aran. She's just growing out of it now.