Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Need some Notions

Just finished this infant-sized kimono from Debbie Bliss' Special Knits book. I'm pretty sure I'm happy to ignore the embroidery instructions. With the number of babies popping up all around me, the more gender-neutral I keep these projects, the better. I really like the way the green Wool Cotton knits up and the leftover white from the little sheep dress I made earlier this year works well as the border. I still haven't bitten the blocking bullet yet so I think I'll have to steam and press this before wrapping it up for Christmas. The hem curls something ferocious.

My shopping list gets longer everyday. I still need to pick up buttons for the Town-Square cardigan (which has found its perfect owner, btw) and now I need a ribbon of some sort for the tie on this kimono. Brendan's also decided on a cardigan for Christmas... with a zip front! Gah!


alltangledup said...

gosh that's cute. I like the green and cream contrasting touch. I always find the embroidery too fussy and tend to leave things unadorned too, but that could be that I'm too bone idle to bother

Divinity said...

If I knew for sure that the kimono was going to a girl and if I didn't have the usual half-dozen projects on the go, I might be tempted to try for some pink or white flowers against the green. But then again, I might not.