Saturday, May 12, 2007

Sheep Dress still in Action

It has been a ridiculously long time since I posted anything to this blog and my apologies to anyone still reading but I've been trying out some new patterns with the alarmingly large batch of yarns that I picked up at the Urban Yarns inventory sale. $400 of yarn fit in one large carrier bag to my surprise. I told them that I'd see them again next year and plan on sticking to that... :P

Last year, before leaving the UK, I managed to finish this little dress for my favourite Yorkshire lass, Nina. Her parents have been very busy - starting a new job, raising her and her brother, writing about cows... - and so only recently posted a much-promised picture of Nina in the dress to Facebook. Apparently, they've had many comments on it when Nina wears it out. On one occasion, a pair of elderly ladies stopped them on the street to ask where they got it. Looks like she might be able to wear it for a little longer... but I better start looking at something even more ambitious for next Christmas. Maybe a matching jumper and hat. I'll have to find out if she's still into sheep or if I need to move onto butterflies or something.

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Amelia said...

That's a gorgeous dress indeed, the sheep look so cute. I am going to guess that by the time you get around to knitting for Xmas, she'll be asking for a lot of pink...