Saturday, August 20, 2005

Karlsro Sweater in Alpaca-Silk

Oh, I'm well "chuffed" with this one. Despite having to pick up a row where most of the stitches don't actually exist until you make them, and excusing the one row on the back where the pattern went a little askew, I really like how quickly this one knit up and the Alpaca-Silk is really warm and cozy... and so soft. The colour's tranferring a little but should be okay after a gentle wash. The pattern warns that the sleeves come out really long a skinny but, never fear, once there's an arm in it, the lacy stiching stretches into a proper shape. The sweater is ballet-top style and has one long tie on the left front that is threaded through an intentional gap in the right side-seam and wraps around the back to tie up on the side with the short tie on the right front (see second pic). The neck line is quite open so I may have to invest in some prettier shirts to wear underneath. It could probably use with a little blocking out too - the hem tends to curl. I'm actually happy that there are a few errors in this. I don't feel so bad about keeping it for myself now.

I'll probably look into some less expensive wools to do this in again for presents. Seems to me it would look especially nice on a couple of rather prone-to-chill mates at home.

Believe it or not, this was the first time I'd made an I-cord. Very useful... I used it for the ties on the baby sweater too.

And here it is from the back...

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