Saturday, August 06, 2005

Works in Progress and Completed

I don't think that anyone's actually reading this yet but that's okay: it'll be a good way of chronicling what I actually do since I rarely keep my projects.

A couple of weeks ago, I completed a Debbie Bliss hooded baby blanket (Baby Knits Book) in her Cashmerino Aran wool which was really lovely. That was sent off to Chilliwack to an old classmate who's expecting her third baby in October so no pics unfortunately but since I used the same colour wool as the picture on the book cover... oh look, here's another blogger who did the same pattern in organic cotton and took pictures of it in use. Perfect!

Since taking on this housesitting gig, I haven't actually LEFT the house a lot. I seem to have lost track of one of the cats but I'm hoping she turns up before Sally and Izzy get back. I have, however, gotten a good bit of knitting, reading, internet surfing, plant watering and cleaning done. Very domestic. Oh, and sleeping... sleep good.

I completed the dimple stitch wrap for my favourite Saskatonian knitting guru. It's really lovely (I used a mossy green alpaca) and really BIG. I will try to take a picture of it before I send it off as a birthday gift. It was a really simple pattern out of Jeanette Trotman's Easy Knitted Accessories, which has got to be one of my all-time favourite pattern books. Each project teaches a new skill and the table of contents includes a picture for each project. How cleverly logical! The dimple stitch is the most advanced but there are a couple of other things I'd like to try.

Next up, although it wasn't meant to be, is finishing off a darling little cardigan for my Skipton sis. Sally started it a while ago for another friend's baby but said I could finish it and give it Nina if I was so inclined. I'm a little worried that she might've grown too big for it but I'll do it up and see. Neatest thing was that I'm finally over my fear of knitting in the round. Double-pointed needles (dpn) have a tendency to go any which way with me so I figured learning Sally's trick with two circular needles would be a smart thing to do. It wasn't a natural transition. I made a right mess of it at first until I googled for step-by-step instructions. (I love the internet.) I've finished off the length and one sleeve. I'm also hoping that I didn't make the sleeve too tight at the wrist.

After the cardigan (which shouldn't take me longer than tomorrow except for the making up) is a cabled cushion cover. This was a make-work project that started off as a cabling challenge as it has four different cabled patterns in it. Actually, only two involve cabling: the other two are really just moss-stitch patterns. Anyhow, it's in a blue cotton and it was meant to be the Denim Wrap out of Debbie Bliss' Great Knits for Kids but what with my tweaking it to fit my materials, it's going to be too small to be a wrap so I've decided to cast off at a square and knit a stocking stitch square to match up on the back. Ta-da! A cushion cover. Now, I just need to find a cushion to fit it.

I've got a few more things on my to-knit list including some pairs of socks (another new skill), a gorgeous alpaca-silk jacket for me, ME, ME!, and two Wensleydale jumpers.

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